TSA airport security tips


My tips to quickly and safely navigate security from this TSA checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport.

Passengers have one main problem.

Unfortunately, and I think that we have learned this through the myriad of signs that are posted around the airport, people don't read the signs.

Meet Mico Melinda as a TSA vet who granted us exceptional access and a candid interview.

Random check at the gate are an incredibly effective tool. We've never claimed to be 100% at the checkpoint. We just never have. Things (1) get through.

This stuff didn't (1) get through.

You've got to be kidding me.

The world's largest tub of skin cream. This stuff will not (2) go through security. Put it in your checkbag and... I mean, this is what (3) slows down the line at TSA.

The frequent travellers are the ones we reallly depend on to helps us make our job easier. They are the one who should know better.

So you don't forget, here are all my tips: here's the way I like to (2) go through security and I like to do it as fast as possible. First of all, red bag. The red bag is easy to find no matter where it is. Nobody has one. Here's the liquid stuff. 3 ounce full, actually it's a little bit more, 3. This bag, for 4, 5 dollar, you can order online, you can get twice as make-up, ladies. Wear (4) slip-on shoes. You see people with (5) lace-up shoes up to their knees. It takes 5 years to

Computer with a TSA approved case. Give yourself a pat-down. Belt, yeah, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I ... Wallet ... make sure when you're

Boarding pass on the phone is the way to go if you're using a smartphone.

Don't (6) hold up the line next time you fly.


Now do this test

Phrasal verbs

(1) get through: sometimes, things that are not allowed are not detected so people take them aboard.

(2) go through: the same as get through. Pass through security.

(3) slows down: having to check people's bags makes everything go more slowly.

(4) slip-on: shoes that don't need laces. You wear them without having to spend times doing the laces.

(5) lace-up: shoes with long laces done up to the knees. This slows everything down if you need to take them off.

(6) hold up: try not to stop or slow down the line or queue of people.