Here are the lyrics to some great songs that have phrasal verbs. You can get the karaoke files for the songs on the Internet to use with a good karaoke player like Vanbasco's Karaoke Player.


Total Eclypse of the Heart, Bonnie Tyler. Come round, fall apart, give off, go by, hold on, turn around

Sex Bomb, Tom Jones. Come along, count up, turn on, wash away

If you Leave me Now, Chicago. Slip away, take away

When a Man Loves a Woman, Michael Bolton. Give up, hold on, put down, sleep out

Not that Kind, Anastacia. Go on, help out, look for, slow down

Caught in the Middle, A1. Be over, move on, get over

Hard To Say I'm Sorry, Chicago. Be through, make it up to, be kept away, be swept away, hold on

Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton. Put on, walk around, turn out

Another Day In Paradise, Phil Collins. Call out, walk on, look back, be moved on, fit in

You Can Leave Your Hat on, Joe Cocker. Come back, go on, leave on, take off, tear apart, sit down

Up Where We Belong, Joe Cocker. Go by, hang on, lift up

Memory, Barbara Streisand. Be over, burn out, give in

All Around the World, Lisa Stanfield. Come back, give up, go away, look for

I want to know what love is, Foreigner. Look around, think over

Leave a Light On, Belinda Carlisle. Leave on, light up, take away, tear out

Stayin' Alive, Bee gees. Be kicked around

Hotel California, The Eagles. Call up, check out, light up, live up, rise up, wake up

The Most Beautiful girl in the World, Prince. Get through, turn into