Phrasal verbs with together mean...

  • forming a group


Forming a group

Taking different things or people and forming a group, unit, team, and so on.

band together We have found that by banding together, we all share and benefit from each other's efforts.
bring together He made an effort to bring together the warring factions of the party.
chuck together Here's a playlist we've chucked together.
club together Her family clubbed together to pay for her to come to Britain for further treatment
cobble together The nation was cobbled together after World War I from provinces of the defeated Austro-Hungarian empire.
come together We need to come together in a spirit of mutual respect.
draw together It seems fate has drawn us together.
fling together It's a story about two women flung together by the love of their children.
force together In these overcrowded conditions, families were forced together.
get together Yes, we're dating. I suppose it was on the cards we might get together.
go together  
hang together Your story doesn't hang together.
hold together I just want to hold my family together.
hurl together  
knit together  
knock together  
lump together They are lumping together very different issues.
mesh together Our lives meshed together on many levels.
patch together  
piece together The police and local prosecutors have started work on piecing together the facts.
pull together It's wonderful to see the community pull together at a time like this.
put together We've put together a collection of great tasting recipes with a wide variety of foods.
scrape together  
scrounge together Hopefully I can scrounge the money together in a few months.
stick together We stand a much better chance if we all stick together here.
stitch together They worked hard to stitch together a compromise.
throw together If you guys want, I can quickly throw together some snacks.
toss together This isn't something we just tossed together.


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