Flick through


Phrasal verbs with through mean...



Being able to contact somebody

come through Gabriel was at his computer when the message came through.
get through I kept trying to phone home but I couldn't get through.
put through Sorry, I wanted the Sales Department. I must have been put through to the wrong extension.


To the end; completing

Getting to the end of something. Sometimes it suggests that you have managed to deal with a difficult situation.

be through I told him we were through and packed my things and left.
blunder through Cramming a million facts with little coherence into your head, and then blundering through the exam while hardly remembering a thing afterward, is a lot of work that will only waste your time.
breeze through He breezed through the test.
carry through  
come through I came through the treatment looking and feeling twenty years younger.
follow through The international community made many promises, but never followed through.
get through I went for a lovely Indonesian meal last night. There were fifteen courses. We only managed to get through ten.
go through It's difficult to gain access to the area without going through tight identity and security checks.
live through She has had a long and difficult life. She has lived through two world wars and a revolution.
muddle through  
nod through The law was nodded through with 144 votes in favor and one against.
pass through  
play through  
plough through Whenever I visit my mother I always have to plough through a huge dinner.
pull through  
push through The president is asking Congress to grant him special powers to push through his reforms.
put through  
rattle through  
romp through  
run through  
rush through  
sail through The bill sailed through without any opposition.
scrape through I was not much interested in school, and both at secondary school and at University, I only just scraped through, with as little effort as I judged possible.
see through  
sit through His lectures are long and boring. I refuse to sit through any more of them.
sleep through He's a very heavy sleeper. If a fire alarm started ringing, I'm sure he would sleep through it.
slog through  
sneak through Japan sneaked through to the World Cup last 16.
soak through  
take through  
talk through We both felt much better after we had sat down and talked through all our problems.
think through  
vote through  
win through  



Turning the pages of a book or examining things quickly when looking for something.

flick through He flicked through the channels but found nothing that interested him.
flip through He flipped through the files in the cabinets.
glance through I glanced through the paper very quickly.
go through The police went through my bags at customs.
leaf through She wasn't reading. She was just leafing through the pages.
look through I've looked through the pics but can't find a good one.
pick through They picked through the remains, looking for recognizable bone fragments.
read through Read through the contract to ensure that there are no errors.
riffle through She rifled through the papers until she found the one she needed.
sift through The investigators sifted through the rubble in search of forensic evidence.
skim through I skimmed through the manual but didn't see it.
thumb through She thumbed through the magazine until she found it.
trawl through We've trawled through the archives to find facts and figures for our weekly feature.
wade through The researchers waded through the results of the survey.


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