Outside or leaving

Being or moving outside. This usually means that you leave a place. Sometimes it gives the idea of leaving home or doing something outdoors.

ask out How do I ask out a girl without offending her and ruining our friendship?
back out We walked into the room and had to back out quickly because of the unpleasant smell.
be out I've been out with him a few times and he hasn't even kissed me.
break out She broke out of prison and was a fugitive for two months.
buy out If you are rich, you can always buy your way out of prison.
check out After breakfast I checked out of the hotel.
clear out The garden shed needs clearing out.
clock out I clocked out a bit early and went home.
come out I just came out for a breath of fresh air.
eat out Read our reviews on eating out in restaurants, cafes and pubs in Brighton.
get out You should get out and enjoy yourself.
go out I was wondering if you fancied going out tonight.
hang out It was nice to just hang out at a bar.
keep out This gate has been great at keeping the dogs out of the nursery.
let out I let the dog out for a quick pee.
move out When he moved out he left the flat in a shambles.
pop out He popped out for a bite at lunchtime.
pull out American troops have finally pulled out of this region.
put out He put his tongue out.
run out He ran out of the building to escape the fire.
set out Drivers are advised to listen to traffic bulletins and plan journeys before setting out.
slip out Some intelligence reports say he might have slipped out of the country.
start out He started out at 6:30 in the morning.
storm out He was so angry he stormed out of the room.
turn out Around a thousand people turned out for the celebrations.
trudge out I had to trudge out in the rain to buy what I needed.


Not being included or not taking part in sth.

back out of They became suspicious and backed out of the deal.
blank out Blank out bad news and focus on the positive.
block out Winners block out everything they can't control.
cancel out After endless phone calls, I had to cancel out my credit card.
chicken out I was ready to do it but I chickened out.
chuck out I got chucked out of the club for being too drunk.
cop out He said he'd do it but he copped out at the last minute.
count out Well, you can count me out. I'm done.
crash out Liverpool crashed out of the competition.
cross out Remember to cross out the answers when you use them.
cut out It's particularly important that you cut out fatty foods.
drown out Their message was drowned out by the controversy.
drop out He dropped out of the training course because it was too difficult.
fall out They fell out and didn't talk to each other for months.
filter out Parents concerned about what their children can see online have several options to filter out adult material.
get out I want to get out of the group.
keep out The scheme helps kids keep out of trouble.
kick out He was kicked out for being rude.
leave out She left out all the juicy details.
miss out Don't miss out on this chance to see them live!
opt out The contract allowed them to opt out after two years.
pull out He has pulled out of the presidential election race.
rule out He did not rule out legal action.
stay out You promised me you'd stay out of this.
throw out You can't just throw me out!
zone out She zones out with headphones and doesn't make too much of an effort to talk to people.

Solution; searching and finding

Trying to find an answer or solution to a problem or something you don't know or understand. It often refers to the result of something, maybe discoving something or finding or presenting some information.

check out Check the facts out before you start torturing yourself.
catch out I'm relieved that we didn't get caught out.
come out The came out on top.
dig out I'm going to dig out some old clothes and so some gardening.
draw out The task is designed to draw out key issues.
fathom out I'm trying to fathom out how to use my new phone.
feel out I will feel out my father and see what he thinks.
ferret out They are determined to ferret out the truth.
figure out It took some time for her to figure out how to juggle movie stardom, marriage and motherhood.
find out She's going to find out sooner or later.
fish out He calmly fished his papers and passport out of his bag.
get out I had to get the truth out of him.
help out Do you think you guys could help us out?
hug out Some words were exchanged between the referee, Bautista, and Lucero, but everyone was able to hug it out in the end.
hunt out Their using drones to hunt out rebels.
iron out They're testing the system to iron out any teething problems.
lay out She made a speech laying out her vision for combating climate change.
look out Look out! There's a car coming.
lose out Single parent families will lose out under the new system.
make out He couldn't make out what they were saying.
nose out He managed to nose out some important facts.
pick out I want to pick out a dress that makes you feel beautiful.
piece out He's trying to piece out what happened.
point out Admit the charge but point out the strain you were under.
prise out He is determined to prise it out of her.
puzzle out They tried to puzzle out how she died.
reason out The questions require the student to reason out the answer.
screw out They managed to screw a confession out of him.
search out I really enjoyed searching out old, interesting corners of the town.
seek out His mission was to seek out the enemy and gather intelligence.
single out People are singled out every day for being different.
smell out  
smoke out  
sniff out  
sort out There's nothing more you can do. You should let the lawyers sort it out.
sound out I wanted to sound out how people felt about this.
spell out The country must spell out where it stands on this issue.
spit out  
spy out  
squeeze out  
stake out American agents flew to London and staked out the address with British police officers.
suss out He first considered denying it, but it was pointless since she quite obviously had sussed him out.
talk out  
test out  
think out  
thrash out Negotiators are trying to thrash out a common position.
try out Would you like to try out this new product?
turn out I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.
work out I finally worked out the answer to the problem.
worm out  
wring out  


Used when something that you can't see or has been hidden or secret suddenly appears. 

bring out We all have met people who bring out the best in us.
come out I'm very confident the truth will come out.
come out in I recently had a reaction and came out in spots.
get out If word gets out, it could ruin her career.
hatch out They take several days to hatch out.
jump out at  
lean out  
leap out  
let out  
ooze out  
pick out  
pop out  
single out  
slip out  
stand out What stands out about this country pub is the truly welcoming and hospitable atmosphere.
stick out  
whip out  

To the public

Used when an organization, company, etc, gives, sends or makes something available to the public.

be out The examination results are out today.
bring out  
churn out Their hockey program has been one of the best at churning out talent.
come out His new film is coming out next month.
dish out  
fork out He must be smitten, as he forked out £300 on her birthday despite having only been going out with her for 3 weeks!
get out  
give out Give out the questionnaires and ask students to complete them.
go out  
hand out More than £1m of European aid is now being handed out in hard pressed rural areas in North Yorkshire.
hire out  
leak out The story leaked out on social media last night.
pass out  
pay out The insurance company aren't gonna pay out.
pour out  
pump out The site pumps out articles that are informative and well researched.
put out They put the word out that they were looking for sponsors to help fund the project.
rent out  
send  out Send out letters to all on your list so those interested will have time to plan for the date and respond.
share out  
take out  
turn out  

Producing sounds, smells, signals, etc

blare out Music blared out from a loudspeaker.
blast out I could hear rock music blasting out of a small radio.
blurt out Too often we blurt out things that we wish we could take back.
burst out When I heard about it I burst out laughing.
call out I called out her name but got no answer
come out with  
cry out  
give out  
leak out  
let out Hagrid let out a howl like a wounded dog.
pour out  
pump out The music pumped out from the bar.
put out  
read out He read out the text to them.
send out  
shout out We all shouted out the numbers as they flashed on the TV.
sound out  
spill out  
turn out  

Out for extinction, ending or disappearing

back out  
be out We need to go shopping, because we're out of bread.
beat out  
black out  
blow out  
bomb out  
bottle out  
bow out  
bowl out  
burn out  
butt out  
chicken out  
clap out  
come out  
conk out  
cop out  
crash out  
cut out  
die out The showers died out in the evening.
drag out It's better for both of us if we don't drag it out.
drop out  
duck out  
eat out  
fade out  
fag out  
fizzle out  
flake out The contractor flaked out on us.
flunk out  
flush out Dinking pleenty of water helps the body flush out toxins.
get out  
give out  
go out  
grind out  
grow out of  
hole out  
knock out  
lay out  
lose out  
luck out  
pass out  
peg out  
peter out  
phase out  
play out  
psych out  
puff out  
pull out  
put out

Please put out your cigarette. This is a no-smoking area.

run out  
sell out  
snap out of  
snuff out  
sputter out  
stamp out  
stub out

Despite vast numbers stubbing out the habit over recent years, there are still around 13 million smokers in the UK.

take out  
talk out  
tire out  
turn out  
walk out on  
wash out  
wear out  
wimp out  
wipe out  
work out  

Extending, spreading; resisting

Increasing the size or extent of  something. 

bulge out  
belly out  
brave out  
brazen out  
broaden out  
carve out  
drag out The talks dragged out for nearly another month until they finally reached an agreement.
draw out  
eke out  
face out  
fan out  
flare out  
flesh out  
fluff out  
gouge out  
grow out of sth  
hew out  
hold out Few seem to hold out hope for democracy in the country.
hollow out  
last out  
let out  
live out  
make out  
mark out  
open out  
pad out  
pan out Let's see how things pan out.
pay out  
plump out  
poke out  
pop out  
puff out  
put out  
reach out  
ride out You should carefully choose and prepare a safe place to ride out the storm.
run out  
scoop out  
scratch out  
see out  
shake out  
shoot out  
sit out  
spin out  
sprawl out  
spread out  
stand out against  
stand out for  
stare out  
stick our for  
stick out  
straighten out  
stretch out  
string out  
sweat out  
throw out  
tough out Should I quit my job or tough it out?
wait out  
win out  
work out  
zoom out  


carry out So far, the Police have no information regarding the identity of the terrorists who carried out the attack.
hear out Before you throw things at me, just hear me out a second.
serve out Do you believe John Howard will serve out his term if re-elected? Vote now.
sit out We sat out the storm in a shelter with the park ranger and 6 other stranded campers.
talk out  
wear out  


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