It gives the idea of leaving. Sometimes sending somebody or something somewhere or not holding somebody, let somebody or something go free.

back off He backed off slowly keeping an eye on me
be off I'm off to the shops.
blast off The space shuttle blasted off for the new international space station today.
bog off Tell him to bog off.
bugger off If you don't like it, bugger off elsewhere.
bundle off My family bundled me off to rehab.
buzz off He had to buzz off for an afternoon service, but returned later.
cart off He was carted off the field with an apparent injury.
clear off During the night the fog cleared off.
come off I watched him come off the plane
dash off Feel free to dash off an email to us at any time.
drop off She dropped me off at my place on her way down south.
fire off He raised his gun and fired off a shot.
fuck off He told me to fuck off and mind my own business.
get off The rocket failed to get off the launch pad.
give off The body gives off heat to the surrounding air.
go off Why should he go off like that without saying good-bye?
go off with She went off with another man.
hare off It frightened her enough to send her haring off.
haul off He was hauled off to the police station.
head off We said our goodbyes headed off in the other direction.
kick off The tour is going to kick off right here in Atlanta.
lead off There were four closed doors leading off the hallway.
let off The park was the only place where she could let the dog off the lead for a good run.
lift off He took her wife around the waist and lifted her off the ground.
move off I decided to move off and try another area.
naff off They basically told me to naff off.
nip off  
pack off At 8:30 his mother packed him off to bed.
peel off  
piss off I told him to piss off and leave me alone.
pop off  
push off Why don't you push off and mind your own business?
put off  
run off Her husband ran off with a younger woman.
see off We went to see him off and kept saying good-bye until the boat disappeared from sight.
send off I sent it off last week - it should have arrived by now!
set off They've set off on a trip around the world.
shoot off The consultant had to shoot off to an important meeting.
shove off  
slip off  
slope off  
sod off He told the guy to sod off and mind his own business.
spirit off  
start off If you're not used to exercising, you can start off by walking half a mile, and maybe within a year or so you can build up to walking two or three miles.
storm off  
strike off I struck off down a wooded back lane to Snowhill.
swan off He just swanned off in a fit of rage.
take off The plane took off two hours late because of the fog.
tear off The boy was terrified and tore off down the path to get back with his friends.
throw off  
trot off  
turn off  
veer off The electrons having negative charge would veer off to the right. Protons having positive charge would veer off to the left.
wave off Martin waved him off at the station wondering when he was likely to see him again.
write off  
zoom off  


Removing, getting rid of something because you don't want it anymore.

auction off I sold two of the houses we never used and auctioned off the furniture.
blow off  
break off  
bump off  
burn off  
bast off  
check off  
chip off  
chop off Anne Boleyn was convicted and sentenced to death. Her head was chopped off on May 19, 1536.
come off It seems to be stuck on with glue and it won't come off.
cross off  
cut off He cut off a small piece of meat and carried it up to his nose so as to smell it.
draw off  
dust off  
ease off  
fall off  
finish off  
fling off  
get off  
hack off  
help off with  
hive off  
kick off  
kill off  
knock off He was knocked off his bike but sustained only minor injuries.
leave off  
lop off  
make off with  
marry off  
pair off  
pay off I've paid off all my debts.
peel off Crack each egg all over and carefully peel off the shell.
pension off I've got a new computer and I can hardly believe how much faster it is than the laptop I've just pensioned off.
pick off  
pour off  
put off  
round off  
rub off  
run off  
run off with  
saw off  
score off  
scrape off  
scrub off  
sell off  
shave off I shaved my beard off. I fancied a change.
shear off  
shoot off  
shunt off Certain jobs should remain state jobs and not be shunted off to the private sector.
siphon off  
skim off  
slip off  
slough off  
soak off  
strain off  
stream off  
strike off  
strip off  
sweat off  
take off He was hot so he took off his jacket.
tear off When I was a young kid, I always used to tear the crust off bread and not eat it.
throw off  
tick off Tick off all the words on the list that you hear.
trim off  
vote off She has become the third contestant to be voted off.
walk off with  
want off  
wash off  
whip off The photographer told her to whip off her top.
wipe off The dinosaurs were wiped off the face of the Earth 65 million years ago.
work off Work off stress through any type of exercise that you enjoy and are physically able to do.




block off  
box off  
branch off  
brick off  
close off  
cone off  
cordon off Investigators have now cordoned off the area, searching for any clues as to who might have been behind the attack.
curtain off  
cut off People who live in big cities become insulated, cut off from one another.
fence off Unfortunately the square was being renovated and was fenced off to the public.
head off  
mark off  
partition off  
rule off  
screen off  
seal off The West Bank has been sealed off by the Israeli army for the past 11 days.
shut off  
spin off  
wall off  


Finishing and completing; Stopping & cancelling


bring off  
break off  
call off The meeting was called off at the last minute due to mist and heavy drizzle.
carry off  
clock off All employees were made to clock on and off each time they took a break.
come off  
come off  
cry off He cried off at the last moment.
cut off  
dash off  
declare off  
finish off The invasion of the Spaniards finished off the Aztec languages of Mexico.
get off  
give off  
go off The party went off without a hitch.
hoot off  
knock off  
knock off  
lay off  
leave off  
let off  
log off I logged off and decided to drive home.
pass off  
pay off I've paid off all my debts.
pension off I was employed until injury had me pensioned off.
play off  
polish off She has just polished off a whole packet of biscuits.
print off  
put off  
rain off  
rattle off  
reel off  
ring off  
round off  
run off  
see off  
shut off  
sign off  
stay off  
stop off  
switch off You should always switch off the engine before you fill up with petrol.
take off  
top off  
toss off  
trail off  
turn off  
work off  
write off Many people think that the World Bank should write off the debts of developing countries.

Preventing; protecting; rejecting


beat off The US company beat off strong competition from a Singapore-based rival to win the contract.
buy off  
chase off  
drive off The incident comes after several attacks on him and his property in what he believes is an attempt to drive him off his land.
fend off The president has fended off criticism about the tactics he used to raise money for his own re-election.
fight off I'm taking lots of vitamin C to help me fight off this cold.
get off  
head off The Costa Rican midfielder's shot was low and firm but Jiang blocked brilliantly to head off the danger.
hold off Michael Schumacher held off the challenge of his brother Ralf for a third podium of the season.
keep off keep your hands off me!
pay off  
put off I didn't want her to come to the concert so I put her off by saying she wouldn't enjoy it.
scare off If you look for commitment too soon, it scares a man off.
stand off  
stave off She might need antibiotics to stave off infection.
throw off  
ward off  
frighten off The crowd wasn't frightened off by an earlier thunderstorm, and gathered in front of St. Joseph Church to watch the parade.
ward off Eating a healthy diet and exercising may not be enough to ward off disease if you spend most of your day sitting in a chair.
warn off  


come off  
bring off Disaster movies that have no human enemy to hate, not even a hero we can truly care deeply about, are difficult to bring off.
carry off  
go off  
hit off  
knock off  
pass off  
pass off as  
pay off Her hard work has definitely paid off.
pull off  
show off  
toss off  



fire off The reporters fired off questions as we left the room.
get off with  
kick off The first match will kick off right after the opening ceremony.
lead off  
set off We set off for London at five o'clock in the morning so we would arrive before the rush hour.
spark off We are glad that we sparked off a debate on this issue.
start off If you're not used to exercising, you can start off by walking half a mile, and maybe within a year or so you can build up to walking two or three miles.
tee off We teed off at 7:30 and were the first group on the golf course.
touch off  
trigger off Stress and anxiety can trigger off many beauty problems, like acne, hair loss and dandruff.




cool off They've even got a swimming pool to cool off in the heat of the summer.
die off  
drop off Temperatures will drop off quickly as northwest winds strengthen.
dry off  
ease off My hangover eased off at noon.
fall off  
get off  
knock off  
let off We live in London and normally the kids have nowhere at all to let off steam.
level off  
lop off  
pass off  
set off against  
slacken off  
sleep off  
tail off  
take off  
taper off My voice tapered off as I realized that none of the others were singing along.
walk off Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and done regularly you can walk off those excess pounds.
wean off I decided to wean myself off coffee.
wear off He's in pain when the effect of the drugs he's taking starts to wear off.
work off Work off stress through any type of exercise that you enjoy and are physically able to do.


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