Arriving or entering

Expressing the idea of entering a place or arriving there. For instance, if somobody knocks on the door, you can let them in.

ask in She never asked him into the office unless something was wrong.
barge in He just barged in here and started making threats.
break in The hackers broke into the servers.
call in If you still can't solve the problem, maybe it's time to call in the experts.
check in We checked into the hotel a little after midnight.
come in I didn't hear you come in last night, son.
clock in I have to clock in at 8.
crawl in I crawled into bed and closed my eyes.
drop in Please drop in to see us when you get to town.
flood in People are starting to flood into the city for tonight's festivities.
fly in Military aircraft were used to fly in food to stricken areas.
get in The police got into the house by breaking the door down.
go in After knocking politely on the door, he went in.
march in He marched in and demanded to speak to the manager.
move in You can move in when you've paid the deposit.
pop in Why don't you pop into the office later?
roll in The rumours keep rolling in.
send in The president decided to send in the troops.
sneak in I sneaked in without anyone noticing.
slip in The burglar slipped in through an open window.
usher in This project is an engineering marvel ushering in a new era of human space exploration.
waltz You can't just waltz in here and expect us to look after you.


Similar to the previous one. If you plug in  some electrical equipment, you insert the plug into the socket.

fill in You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire designed to measure your quality of life.
get into She lost weight to be able get into the dress.
plug in Just plug it in and hit the go button.

Collapsing,surrendering, ending

Breaking inwards and therefore being damaged or ended. 

bash in The doors were bashed in and wouldn't open.
cave in She was unsure but he insisted and she finally caved in and agreed.
chuck in He decided to chuck in his job.
do in All this waiting is doing my head in.
fall in After the roof fell in, there wasn't much to save.
give in The government refused to give in to the terrorists' threats.
jack in If it's going to be like this I might just as well jack it in right now.
kick in They kicked in the front door.
pack in He packed in his job and moved to France.
smash in She just wanted to smash his head in.

From the public

Sending, taking or giving something to an organization or somebody in authority - your boss, teacher, a government official, etc.

be in The results are in.
check in We checked into the hotel a little after midnight.
collect in About 10 days after your presentation, start to collect in the questionnaires.
come in Please keep your comments and your questions coming in.
flood in Entries flooded in for our Mother's Day meal out competition.
hand in Don't hand in a report until you have checked it over carefully.
phone in In our phone-in programme, we recorded your reactions and eyewitness accounts to the attacks and to the events that followed.
pour in As the donations poured in, they were able to fund research projects.
ring in She rang in to say she had changed her mind.
send in Click on the Search Button to send in your query.
trade in You can trade it in for a gift card.
trickle in Applications are still trickling in weeks after the closing date.
write in We offered a prize to the first 10 people to write in.




bed in It takes at least 66 days for a new habit to bed in.
bring in They want to bring in a law to stop car manufacturers advertising speed as one of the main attributes of new models.
come in  
creep in  
dig in The kids couldn't wait to dig in.
dive in The food smelled really good to her, and she couldn't wait to dive in.
fade in  
kick in I just need some money until my insurance claim kicks in.
lead in  
phase in The House plan is similar to one proposed last month by GOP senators, but it would phase in tax cuts more rapidly.
play in We danced and shouted as the band played in the new year.
plunge in The city was plunged into darkness after a major power cut hit the area.
set in As reality sets in, I think that people might take a different view.
tuck in Don’t wait for us. Just tuck in!
usher in This project is an engineering, scientific and technological marvel ushering in a new era of human space exploration.


Understanding something or trying to make somebody understand something.

clue in Someone needs to clue us in on what's happening.
drink in I drank in his words and tried very hard to believe his promises, because he seemed to mean them.
drum in  
hammer in  
rub in Okay, okay, you've made your point! No need to rub it in.
sink in It is only where you constantly feed the message that it starts to sink in.
take in The announcement was made so quickly that most people couldn't take it in.


Changing from one situation or form to another. The new situation is shown in the noun that follows the verb.

break into He was so nervous that he broke into a sweat.
burst into Ted couldn't help but burst into tears.
divide into  
dub into  
fall into I know how easy it can be to fall into the depression hole.
fly into He flew into a rage and hit them.
get into They got themselves into an awful mess.
go into  
grow into  
lapse into She smiled and lapsed into silence.
launch into  
make into  
melt into  
put into  
roll into  
scrape into My grades were very average, but I managed to scrape into university.
settle into  
sink into An accident caused him to sink into a coma.
slip into The country is going to slip into recession.
sneak into He snuck into third place with 49 points.
strengthen into The storm strengthened into a hurricane early on Tuesday.
take into  
throw into  
turn into The book is being turned into a TV series.



bluff into I was bluffed into believing that they were well trained and experienced.
badger into He was badgering her into investing her money in a dubious venture.
coax into Mom was shy about coming, but I coaxed her into it.
drag into I never meant to drag you into it.
draw into She got drawn into a life of gangs and sexual exploitation.
fool into Don't be fooled into believing everything you read on social media.
force into They are forcing consumers into long term contracts.
frighten into They frightened him into confessing.
goad into She goaded him into doing it.
press into He was pressed into it unwillingly.
pressure into They were pressured into trying the drug.
pull into Do not allow yourself to be pulled into an arrangement which you know is not going to work for you.
push into They were pushed into taking the decision.
shame into She was shamed into losing weight after posting a mortifying holiday snap on Facebook.
shock into They were shocked into silence, still trying to process what had just happened.
starve into He starved himself into a state of extreme emasculation.
talk into I'm going to try to talk her into taking a day trip to Mexico.
trap into They were trapped into making payments they could not afford.
trick into I was tricked into thinking it was going to be easy.


Including & mixing


add in Add in the cost of the accessories you might need.
blend in Apply a little shadow under the eye and blend in.
blunder in It's best not to blunder in.
build in A delay is built in to ensure the stability of the power supply.
chime in with It chimes in with our view.
chip in we're all chipping in to celebrate her birthday.
copy in  
count in It sounds like fun. You can count me in.
cram in The more vegetables you can cram into your diet the better.
dig in  
dub in  
factor in Cultural diversity must be factored in.
fit in The course pace is relatively fast as there is a lot to fit in.
fit in with All my friends do it and I want to fit in with them.
fold in  
get in  
go in on Pretty cheap if a few people went in on it.
include in  
ink in  
merge in  
mix in  
muck in She's doing voluntary work there, earning the respect of his peers by mucking in with the rest.
pack in Avoid tours that pack in too many people.
pitch in If we all pitch in we can make this a reality for the school.
put in  
reckon in  
sketch in  
squeeze in We really appreciate you squeezing us in on such short notice.
stand in  
step in The government may need to step in.
stir in  
take in  
throw in I might even throw in a few sandwiches.
tie in with  
tone in  
trade in  
vote in  
work in  
write in  

At home or at work

Being indoors. Being at home or at work rather than out in the street. Compare verbs like go out or eat out.

be in  
eat in We didn't eat in as we wanted to try the local restaurants.
order in Let's order in tonight.
stay in We stayed in because it was raining.

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