Moving near or past a person or thing or in time.

pass by He gave me a strange look and passed by without speaking.
fly by This year flew by so fast.
go by The bike nearly hit me as it went by.
slip by This is an opportunity that should not be allowed to slip by.
stand by I was standing by the window, looking at the city.
whizz by A police car whizzed by.



Visit somebody casually and for a short time.

come by Finally, they came by but I was in class so they left a note.
drop by She dropped by for a cup of coffee.
go by We went by his house to see if he had returned.
stop by She stopped by to say hello.
swing by We wanted to drive to Grand Junction, maybe swinging by to see Jack on the way there.



Act according to rules or directions or support sb or what they say.

abide by Entrants to the competition agree to abide by the rules.
go by You can't go by what other people say.
live by I guess he is living by his own rules.
stand by If she loves him enough surely she will stand by him.
stick by He stuck by his decision.
swear by You should try that cream. My mum swears by it.


Getting ready for something.

stand by Troops were standing by to disarm the rebels.
put by I put a little by each week so I could pay for it.
sit by There is so much suffering around us and yet the majority of us sit by and do nothing.


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