I'm gonna have to call you back.





Moving to the place or position you or something came from. Returning something to where it came from.

be back What time will you be back?
blow back If you smoke, never flip ashes our your window. They could blow back into your car and start a fire.
bring back Please bring back the books that you borrow when you have finished so that others can enjoy them.
call back He turned to leave, but she called him back.
carry back Firefighters carried the dog back up to the top of the cliff using a series of ropes.
come back Did she say when she's coming back?
double back More than once I've had to double back because I missed the sign for the exit I wanted.
drop back Three laps from the end he started losing ground until he dropped back to third.
get back What time will you get back home tonight?
give back I don't like people who borrow things and don't give them back.
go back I went back to where my parents and sister were and told them about it.
head back After the show everyone said goodnight, and we headed back to the hotel.
lie back He lay back on the sand and crossed his hands under his head.
look back He looked back to say goodbye.
move back She wants to move back to her hometown.
pop back I just popped back for my wallet.
pull back The firefighters had to pull back for safety reasons.
push back She pushed back her hair.
put back She put the book back on the shelf.
send back Make any necessary corrections on the draft and send it back to us.
sit back It's your birthday - sit back and let me do the housework today.
tail back Traffic is tailing back on the M61 southbound after a crash involving two cars.
take back I must take this book back to the library tomorrow.
throw back He threw the ball back to me.
turn back We turned back, retracing our steps to the visitor center.
welcome back I would welcome him back with open arms.
wean back She slowly weaned herself back on to a more balanced diet.
winch back The container was winched back to the surface.
wrestle back They’re trying to wrestle back control of the city from opposition rebels.


Talking or thinking about something in the past.

bring back Thank you for the wonderful pictures. They brought back many precious memories of the two years I spent there.
carry back Seeing John at the party carried her back to when they were married.
date back This fossil dates back to the Pleistocene era.
flash back My memory flashed back to the day I met her.
flood back The memories of that day came flooding back recently when I unearthed this photograph.
go back I wish we could go back to how things used to be.
hark back The custom harks back to Viking times.
look back That was ten years ago and we'ver never looked back.
take back The story takes us back to the night of November 30th 1942, when his plane was shot down by German anti-aircraft fire.
think back He cried, thinking back on the days when they were together.
turn back Cosmetic surgery can only turn back the clock, not stop it.

Repeating or reacting

Repeating something. Reacting to something that has happened or behaving in particular way because of what has happened or what somebody has said or done. Going back to a previous state or position. Sometimes it means reciprocating an action like a phone call.

answer back Don't answer me back!
bring back They signed a petition to bring back the death penalty.
bounce back The company went bankrupt, but managed to bounce back with a new management.
call back Just leave your contact information below and we will call you back as soon as possible.
check back I’ll check back in a few minutes.
come back Denim jackets are coming back into fashion.
fight back Many Americans, tired of living in fear and impotence, are fighting back.
gain back The diet was too extreme and she quickly gained the weight back.
go back He opened his eyes, looked at her a moment, then closed them again and went back to sleep.
hear back Have you heard back from the people you've written to?
hit back He has hit back at critics after a holiday photo sparked controversy.
invite back The hotel invited us back after a very poor experience the first time.
kick back The more you say no, the more he'll kick back.
kiss back She kissed me back but told me she was confused.
love back You can't force someone to love you back by asking for it.
pay back Do you usually pay people back if they're unkind to you?
phone back The solicitor has just phoned back and said there's nothing we can do about it.
play back I can't stand the sound of my own voice when it comes to playing it back.
push back All of us must push back against the scourge of racism.
read back All right! Now read it back to me.
report back He will investigate the circumstances and report back to you.
ring back She says she'll ring you back in a few minutes.
shoot back She shot back that he was just a rich boy in a suit.
strike back They were determined to strike back with all means available.
talk back Don't you ever talk back to me like that.
throw back He caught it, then threw it back at me.
write back He wrote to her but she never wrote back.


Controlling, reducing or supressing something such as an emotion.

bite back He seemed to have something to say but he bit back his words.
choke back We could clearly hear him choking back the tears.
cut back Schools are having to cut back because money is already short.
cut back on Consumers are cutting back on spending.
dial back The incident has caused her to dial back her alcohol consumption.
fight back I could tell she was fighting back the tears.
force back He bit his lower lip, forcing back his tears.
hold back I think he wanted to cry but he managed to hold back the tears.
keep back Your comfort zone may be keeping you back.
push back I tried to push back the fear and focus on keeping them safe.
roll back They want to council to roll back taxes to the 2009 level.
scale back The catastrophy forced the country to scale back plans to expand its nuclear energy sector.
set back This weather is setting us back again.

Not getting involved

Separating from something that is happening to avoid getting involved. Moving aside. Retreating. Waiting.

draw back The army was forced to draw back.
fall back The enemy fell back a short distance.
hang back Some companies are hanging back to see how much demand there actually is going to be for these phones.
pull back The troops are being pulled back to bases.
sit back We can't just sit back and do nothing.
stand back Everyone stood back to let me through the door.
step back He is stepping back from the limelight to focus on his health.



knock back We headed over there, knocked back a few drinks, and listened to the band play.
put back I've put back quite a few drinks with them.
throw back She kept throwing back shots of Tequila at Chez Rouge.
toss back It's a great place to toss back a few pints.



claw back Big supermarkets are trying to claw back market share from discount retailers.
get back He's started to exercise. He needs to get his strength back.
give back You will have to give it back or pay them for it.
have back It seems like a fair deal to me. Anyone who is not happy with that can have their money back.
take back It's time to take back control of your life.
want back I want my money back.
win back They’re considering cutting taxes to win back voters.
wrestle back They're trying to wrestle back control of the city from the rebels.

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