To another place

This is the literal meaning of away.

be away It's hard being away from them when I'm working, but when you're busy it's much easier to cope
chase away A passer-by stopped his car to help and, along with several neighbors, managed to chase the dog away. No one was bitten.
come away He asked her to come away with him, to leave Texas for a while.
draw away She grabbed Morita's fist and drew him away from the door.
drive away The soldiers checked a group of youths and then pulled Hamediye onto the jeep and drove away.
fall away Fortunately, the tree fell away from the house, but it landed squarely in our swimming pool.
frighten away They feel a refinery would frighten away tourists and potential tourism investors.
get away Sometimes it's not until you get away that you appreciate what you left behind.
go away We went away for the weekend.
look away When he looked at her, she looked away.
move away I need a fresh start. I'm thinking of moving away.
pull away Daniel shifted gear and the bike pulled away.
run away The kids knocked on the door and ran away.
scare away A neighbour with a baseball bat finally scared the dog away.
send away The machine had to be sent away to repair.
shoo away He waved his hands to shoo away the seagulls.
sneak away Take a break from your busy life and sneak away for a mini vacation.
slide away The mountain is sliding away and the path is very unstable.
step away Step away from your computer screen well before yo go to bed.
stretch away From there you can see the ocean, stretching away to the horizon.

Avoiding, preventing or not taking part

Not do something or stop doing it,  because you're afraid, it's illegal, bad for you, etc. If you keep away from somebody, you don't go near the person, because you know it's not a good idea.

back away I've never backed away from a challenge.
break away Kazakhstan broke away from the Soviet Union in 1991.
frighten away They feel a refinery would frighten away tourists and potential tourism investors.
get away Even though the place is alive with wildlife, it is hard to get away from the fact that it is still a desert.
keep away Keep away from that man - he's a known criminal.
move away He bent to kiss her but she moved away.
push away I push everyone away because I'm scared of getting attached.
run away Why do children and young people run away, or become homeless?
scare away A neighbour with a baseball bat finally scared the dog away.
shy away Don't shy away from people just because they're different.
slip away Janet slipped away for a few minutes.
stay away Tourists stayed away, frightened by more than a year of violence.
tear away The actor had to tear himself away from his lady friend as duty called.
turn away Protestors were forcibly turned away by police.


Disappear or be destroyed, very often gradually.

chuck away Don't forget that the club will refund your train tickets, so don't chuck them away.
clear away The rain will gradually clear away during the early hours.
die away The heavy showers will die away this evening.
do away with Most countries have done away with the death penalty.
fade away Despite predictions to the contrary, the controversy has not faded away.
fell away Those who fell away were always replaced by others.
fritter away Every time they get a bit of money they fritter it away.
gamble away He gambled all his money away.
give away I had a lot of books I didn't want to keep so I gave them away to a friend.
go away Drug addiction is a problem that will never go away.
idle away I spent the day idling away the time at home.
loaf away It's an ideal place to have lunch and loaf away the mid-day hours.
melt away My fears began to melt away.
pass away She passed away on Saturday.
slide away I felt my boyfriend was sliding away from me.
slip away Janet slipped away for a few minutes.
throw away I think I'll throw away these magazines.

Continuous activity

Used to indicate that an activity goes on and on.

eat away Wage rises are being eaten away at by inflation.
beaver away I have been beavering away on a project all year.
chat away They went from zero computer experience to chatting away happily in just a few minutes.
chip away Keep chipping away at his defences.
peg away They decided to stop after pegging away at it for a couple of hours.
plod away I've been plodding away on this for a few days.
plug away He's sitting at his desk, plugging away at it.
puff away Smoking looks like a harmless pastime but we all know that it's not. Scenes of glamorous actors puffing away in the movies don't tell the truth about smoking.
slave away She's been slaving away at this for weeks.
slog away For the cast and crew, it was time to celebrate and give thanks after months of slogging away.
snore away He was already in bed, snoring away, when I came in the room.
work away Mr. Hunt, one of the school's counselors, was sitting behind his desk working away at his computer.

Out of sight or in a safe place

Hiding something or storing it.

clear away I helped him clear away the mess.
file away Don't let that paperwork grow into a mountain. File it away in an appropriate place if you need to refer to it again.
fold away When you're done, fold them away again.
lock away Sensitive and classified information is to be locked away in an approved fire-resistant cabinet when not being used.
pack away We have found over 55 boxes of things that have been packed away for years.
put away Take the time to put things away after you use them.
send away Last summer my sister had to be sent away to a rehab.
squirrel away He managed to squirrel away the money without his mum noticing it.
stash away We strongly suspect he has stashed away millions, which will be waiting for him when he gets out of prison.
store away It can be easily wiped clean, folded up and stored away when not in use.
stow away The unit folds to a mere 5cm when not in use so it can be transported or stowed away easily.


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