About & Round usually mean the same as Around.



Here and there; visiting. Moving or going to different places.

get around The best way to get around is by car.
ask round Let's ask them round for a meal next week.
change around How often do you change furniture around your house?
come round Would you like to come round on Saturday? We'll be in all day.
go round She isn't here at the moment. She's gone round to see the woman next door.
look around Busy customers don't have the time to look around for the cheapest option.
root around She was rooting around in my bag for a pen.
run around She and her sisters had lots of fun running around the garden, playing with her dolls.
shop around Shop around for your insurance cover.
show around Would you like to see the farm? Would you like me to show you around?
sleep around It was common knowledge that he was sleeping around.
sniff around They were sniffing around to see if they could find anything.
swan around He's swanning around as if he owns the place.
swirl around there are lots of rumors that swirl around about the British royal family.
take round I took the car round to the local garage and asked them to have a look.
wander around I love just wandering around London when the shops are open.


Aimless activity

It usually means being lazy and doing nothing, perhaps wasting your time. Sometimes it suggests playing with something or somebody. Many of these verbs can also be used with the preposition about.

arse around I spend my days sitting in school wishing I wasn't there, and then coming home and arsing around on the computer.
fool around Children need to play and fool around with things.
frig around Stop frigging around and do some work!
fuss around The woman who ran the establishment fussed around us making sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed.
hang around

She enjoyed hanging around the bar with her friends.

have around She enjoys having her mum around.
hover around The plan has been hovering around for ages without any kind of implementation.
laze around They spend most of their day lazing around.
lie around I don't have that sort of money lying about.
loaf around Most of the time, bears are just loafing around and resting.
lounge around It's not so bad being able to lounge around all day.
mess around If I were you, I would stop messing around with him and find myself a more stable guy.
mill around There was quite a crowd milling around in the street.
mooch around We spent the day just mooching around the town.
muck around At first, I thought she was mucking around.
sit around He just sits around all day doing nothing.
sneak around Someone was sneaking around in the dead of night.
stand around We were just standing around talking to each other.
stick around I hope that you enjoy it here and that you stick around a bit!
toy around with I was just toying around with the idea.


Rough treatment or violence

Behaving in a bossy and aggressive way towards somebody.

boss around Don't boss me about.
kick around They kicked me around until every part of my body hurt.
knock around Who was he trying to impress when he knocked his wife around a hotel room a few times?
push around She was being pushed around by other people telling her what to do.
order around Who do you think you are, Ava, to order me about?
throw around He's always throwing his weight around.



Make a situation change or make something change.

bring around We have to make the sacrifices necessary to bring around real change.
turn around He has turned his life around thanks to football.


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