Phrasal verbs with apart mean...

  • collapsing, breaking
  • separating



This is the literal meaning. It means dividing into pieces or breaking.

come apart  
fall apart If it wasn't for me, this place would fall apart.
pull apart  
rip apart His world has been ripped apart.
take apart I would play with it for a day or two, then take it apart to see how it worked.
tear apart  




come apart I’ve been coming apart mentally and physically for the last few weeks.
drift apart My boyfriend and I eventually split; we just drifted apart really.
fall apart Their marriage fell apart.
grow apart I am also wondering if we are growing apart or if perhaps he is bored with me.
pick apart Analysts have been picking apart the figures.
pull apart When you're happy with the cuts, you need to tape the joint together so that it won't pull apart when you press it.
push apart His attitude damaged our relationship and pushed us apart.
set apart What really set the magazine apart, however, was its ambitious product-testing program.
tear apart His family was torn apart by the war.
tell apart It impossible to tell them apart because they were the same shape and color.


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