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tag along (insep) accompany someone, maybe uninvited go along, come along pegarse, venir

take after [take after someone] be like someone in appearance, behaviour or character parecerse, salir a

take back 1 [take something back] return something somewhere or to its owner devolver

2 Admit that something you said was wrong retirar

take off 1 leave (insep) leave the ground despegar

2 succeed become successful

3 remove [take something off] (coat, jacket, dress, shoes, lid, cover ) remove an item of clothing quitarse

4 imitate [take someone off] copy the way someone talks or their behaviour in order to make people laugh imitar

take on 1 employ [take someone on] (workers, staff) employ someone contratar

2 accept [take something on] (responsibility, role, client, job, task, problem) accept a responsibility or project asumir

take to [take to someone] (insep) begin to like someone go off someone/something empezar a gustar

take out get [take something out] (insurance, driving-licence, permit, loan, mortgage, policy, ad, patent, summons) apply for and get something sacar

idiom take it out on be unpleasant to someone because you're angry or upset for some reason, even though it's not their fault tomarla con

take over [take over, take something over] take control of something tomar el control

take up start doing [take something up] (offer, challenge, opportunity, invitation, suggestion; fishing, golf, job) start doing an activity as a hobby, or accept a new job or offer sacar

talk back (insep) answer someone in a possible of authority in a rude way contestar, replicar

talk down [talk down to someone] (insep) talk to someone as if they are not important

talk into [talk someone into something] persuade someone to do somethin persuadir, convencer

taper off [taper off, taper something off] decrease gradually ir disminuyendo

tear away [tear someone away] make someone leave a place when they don't want to sacar, apartar

tear into [tear into something] (fish, meal, enemy) start eating something eagerly; attack.

tell off [tell someone off] speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong regañar, pelear

think over [think something over] think about something or discuss it very carefully chew over, mull over pensárselo

think through [think something through] (situation, project, business, idea, matter) consider all the different options. sleep on pensar bien

think up [think something up] (excuse, name, reason, idea, plan) produce something new by thinking inventar, concebir

throw away 1 [throw something away] get rid of something tirar

1 (chance, opportunity) waste something good desperdiciar

throw up 1 (insep) vomit vomitar

2 [throw something up] (problems, facts, lessons, points, information) produce something

3 (job, career, position) leave something. pack in dejar

tide over [tide someone over]

tip off [tip someone off] (police, reporter, newspapers) give someone secret information chivarse

top up 1 refill [top something up] (drink, glass) add more liquid, powder, etc to a container poner más

noun They were nice enough to give us a top-up on our coffee.

2 (phone, credit) add more money to something so it has the amount you need recargar

touch on (insep) (issue, problem) briefly talk about something mencionar

tow away 1 [tow something away] (car) remove an illegally parked vehicle llevar

trade in [trade something in] use something as payment cambiar

trickle down (insep) gradually reach poorer people filtrarse

trickle in (insep) arrive slowly or in small numbers flood in llegar poco a poco, empezar a llegar

trigger off [trigger something off] (alarm, explosion, fight, war, vilence, incident, illness) make something happen spark off, set off hacer saltar, hacer estallar

tuck in 1 eat (insep, infml) begin to eat eagerly dig in empezar a comer

2 adjust [tuck someone in] make a child comfortable in bed by adjusting the blankets

turn down 1 [turn something down, turn someone down] (job, invitation, offer, request, opportunity, application) refuse to accept something take up rechazar

2 (radio, TV, heater, gas, sound, volume) reduce the noise, heat, etc turn up bajar

turn into [turn into something] (insep) change into something convertirse

turn off [turn something off] change the controls so that something stops working switch something off turn on, switch on apagar

turn on [turn something on] (radio, TV, heater, gas, tap, light) change the controls so that something starts working Switch on turn off, switch off encender

turn out (insep) happen in a certain way pan out, work out resultar

turn up (insep) arrive or appear show up aparecer, presentarse

type in [type something in] enter information into a computer meter



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