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sail through pass [sail through, sail through something] (insep) (bill, exam, examination, legislation, proposal, test) pass something easily breeze through, sweep through, walk through scrape through something pasar sin dificultad

scare away [scare somebody away, scare something away] (dog, bird) make somebody or something leave using fear frighten away, scare off espantar

scare off scare away

scratch out [scratch something out] (existence, living, income) try hard to make a living, usually with little money or food eke out ganarse la vida, sobrevivir

screw up [screw up, screw something up] spoil or ruin something mess up arruinar, joder

seal off block [seal something off] (area, street) block something cordon off, cut off acordonar

sell out (concert, tickets) sell something until it's finished agotarse

see off 1 [see somebody off] go to the airport, station, etc. to say good-bye to somebody wave off despedir

2 [see somebody off, see something off] (attack, opponent, opposition, challenger) deal with some kind of danger and defeat it correr

see through 1 [see something through] (job, project) make sure something is completed successfully llevar a cabo

2 [see through somebody] (insep) be able to clearly see what somebody's intentions are and not be deceived calar, adivinar la intención

send in [send something in] (application, donation, request, entry, coupon, article, report, order) send something somewhere so that it's dealt with it officially enviar

serve out [serve something out] (sentence, term) do something until the end of a fixed period servir

set aside 1 [set something aside] (food, money, time) save something so it can be used later put aside reservar, ahorrar

2 [set something aside] (differences, ego, pride) stop considering something put aside dejar de lado

set back 1 cost [set somebody back] cost a certain amount of money knock back costar

2 hinder [set somebody back] delay progress in what you're doing hold back retrasar

set in (insep) (darkness, dispair, fear, infection, panick, rain, reality, winter) start and continue for some time meterse

set off (insep) start a journey set out partir

Set out (insep) set off

set up [set something up] (committee, commission, investigation, public enquiry, fund, business, company, organization, system) start something montar, organizar

idiom set up house when you set up house, you start your own home. idiom set up shop When you set up shop, you start a business

settle down (insep) behave responsibly and live in a regular way, especially when you get married establecerse, sentar cabeza, asentarse

settle in (insep) (home, job, office, school, routine) move into a new home, job, and start feeling confortable there sentirse cómodo

Sex up [sex something up] make something look more interesting or exciting spice up hacer más atractivo

shake off 1 [shake something off] (cold, fever, illness, image, habbit, depression) get rid of something sacudirse de encima, librarse de

2 [shake somebody off] (the police, photographers, pursuers) scape from somebody

shake up 1 [shake something up] mix something by shaking mezclar

2 (department, industry, cabinet, system) reorganize something completely reorganizar

3 [shake somebody up] be shocked sacudir

shoot across/off/out/up (insep) move fast or leave in a hurry moverse con rapidez

shoot up (insep) (prices) increase very quickly aumentar muy rápido

shop around (insep) visit different shops in order to find the cheapest price comparar precios

shore up [shore something up] (building, wall, argument, case, confidence, image, support) do something to support or make something stronger apuntalar

show up (insep) arrive turn up aparecer

shut down [shut something down] (factory, plant, business, company, shop, production) close a place permanently close down cerrar

shut up 1 [shut up, shut somebody up] stop talking clam up callarse

2 [shut something up] close a place lock up cerrar

sift through [sift through something] (insep) (evidence, documents, papers, rubble, wreckage) examine every part of something in order to find something examinar

single out [single something out, single somebody out] choose somebody from a group for special treatment pick out escoger, señalar, dar un trato diferente

siphon off [siphon something off] dishonestly take money from an organization and use it for a different purpose desviar, desviar fondos

sit down move into a sitting position sentarse

sit up sit properly so that your back is straight sentarse bien, sentarse derecho

skive off (insep) spend time doing nothing, esp. avoiding work goof off hacer novillos

slag off [slag somebody off] criticize somebody, especially when they're not there criticar, poner a parir

slave away work hard continously trabajar duro

slim down lose weight adelgazar

slip out (insep) (secret, remark, word) say without intention meter la pata

slip up (insep) make a mistake meter la pata

slow down (insep) move or do something more slowly ir más despacio

smooth over [smooth something over] (differences, difficulties, problems, things, dispute) deal with problems or difficulties resolver

snap up [snap something up] (bargain, offer) buy something quickly before other people do, because it is cheap pillar

soldier on (insep) continue doing something even though it might be difficult persistir

sort out [sort something out] find a solution for something solucionar

spark off [spark something off] (alarm, explosion, fight, war, vilence, incident, illness) when something sparks off something else, it makes it happen set off, trigger off provocar

speak up 1 (insep) speak in a louder voice hablar en voz alta

2 defend (insep) express an opinion, especially to support somebody or an idea defender

spell out [spell something out] explain something very clearly or in detail dejar claro

spew out [spew something out] (smoke, water, lava, curses) produce a lot of something; usually something bad soltar

splash out (insep) spend a lot of money, perhaps too much, on something gastar a manos llenas

split up (insep) finish a relationship break up separarse

spruce up [spruce up, spruce somebody up] make yourself look neat and attractive smarten up acicalarse, arreglarse

squeeze in [squeeze somebody in] (insep) have or find time to see somebody fit in meter

stand by 1 (insep) be ready for action estar preparado

2 support [stand by somebody] (insep) support somebody when they need you apoyar

stand down resign (insep) leave your job to somebody else stand aside, step aside, step down dimitir

stand in for [stand in for somebody] (insep) do somebody's job temporarily because they can't cover for, fill in for, sit in for sustituir

stand out (insep) be clearly noticeable stick out destacar

stand up 1 (insep) rise to your feet so you're not sitting or lying anymore levantarse

2 [stand somebody up] arrange to meet somebody and you don't go (usually in a romantic relationship) dejar plantado

start out (insep) take the first steps or actions in a business, career or situation comenzar

stave off [stave something off] (cold, crisis, hunger, effects, war) stop something bad happening evitar

stay away avoid [stay away from somebody, stay away from a place] avoid somebody or something evitar, alejarse

stay in (insep) not go out no salir

step down (insep) leave your job to somebody else stand down dimitir

step up [step something up] (efforts, production) increase the speed or amount of something aumentar

stick about/around (insep) stay in the same place quedarse

stick out (insep) be clearly noticeable stand out destacar

stir up [stir something up] (trouble, hatred, anger, opposition, discontent, dissent, violence, the past, things, memories, passions, unrest, rebellion, revolt) cause bad feeling intentionally suscitar, provocar

stop off (insep) interrupt your journey for a while parar un momento, darse una vuelta por

stop by (insep) pay somebody a short visit drop by dejarse caer

strike up (insep) [strike up something] (conversation, friendship, relationship) start to talk to be friendly to somebody entablar

stumble across [stumble across somebody/something] find something by chance come across, bump into tropezar con

stump up (insep) pay for something when you don't want to cough up soltar, aflojar, pagar

sum up repeat the main ideas in a few words resumir

suss out [suss somebody out] discover what somebody is really like calar

sweep away 1 destroy [sweep through something] (insep) (dreams) destroy something barrer con

sweep through spread fast [sweep through, Sweep through something] (fear, fire, news, panic, waves, winds) move quickly and with force propagarse, extenderse

sweep up [sweep something up] clean something with a groom barrer

switch off 1 [switch something off] (radio, TV, engine) make something start turn off switch on, turn on apagar

2 (insep) stop paying attention desconectar

switch on [switch something on] (radio, TV, engine) make something start turn on switch off, turn off encender



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