Dictionary: letter R

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rack up [rack something up] (losses, sales, points, titles) get a lot of something conseguir, llevarse

rake in [rake something in] (cash, money, profits, revenues) earn or get a lot of money ganar

rake up [rake something up] (scandal, the past, old grivances, quarrel, filth, mistake, misdeeds, story) remind someone of unpleasant events in the pas. dig up, dredge up airear, ventilar

rattle on (insep) talk continuouly in a boring way rabbit on hablar sin parar

rabbit on (insep) talk continuouly in a boring way rattle on hablar sin parar

read on (insep) continue reading after having stopped seguir leyendo

read out [read something out] (news, text, speech, statement, words) read in a loud voice so people can hear leer (en voz alta)

rein in [rein something in] (anger, emotions, excitement, feelings, costs, spending) Prevent something from getting out of control controlar

ring off (insep) Finish a phone conversation. cortar

ring up [ring someone up] phone someone call up, phone up llamar

rip off [rip someone off] charge someone too much money estafar

roll in (insep) (money, romours, buses, tanks) arrive in large numbers llegar

round off 1 [round something off] change a figure into the nearest whole number redondear

2 finish Bring something to a pleasant end rematar

round up 1 [round something up] (cattle, criminals, suspects) go after animals to put them altogether somewhere reunir

2 increase something to the nearest whole number redondear

rub along (insep) manage to have a satisfactory relationship ir tirando

rub in [rub something in] keep talking about something that makes another person embarrased or makes them feel bad restregar

rule out [rule something out] (possibility, idea) exclude something excluir

run away leave a place by running; escape escapar, huir

run away from [run away from something] (insep) (responsibility, truth, facts, situation, reality) try to avoid dealing with something rehuir

run into 1 (insep) hit something with a vehicle chocar

2 (insep) meet by chance come across toparse con, encontrarse

3 (insep) (difficulties, problems, trouble, opposition) experience problems or difficulties encontrar

4 (insep) reach a certain amount alcanzar

run out [run out, run out of something] (insep) (money, time, patience, petrol, milk, coffee, sugar, supplies) use something until there's nothing left acabarse, terminarse

run over [run over someone] (or an animal, often passive) hit someone with a car and drive over them atropellar

run up [run something up] (debt, bill, account, overdraft, deficit) be left with an amount of money you have to pay incurrir, contraer

run up against (insep) (competition, opposition, problems, resistance) experience an unexpected difficulty toparse, encontrar

rush in (insep) go in in a hurry rush out entrar corriendo

rush off (insep) leave in a hurry dash off largarse a toda prisa

rush out (insep) go out in a hurry rush in salir corriendo




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