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make after [make after someone] (insep) chase - (perseguir)

make away (insep)  escape make off (escapar)

make away with [make away with something] (insep) (jewels, money) steal and take away make off with (escapar con)

make for 1 (insep)  move towards a place, usually in a hurry head for e dirigirse a

2 (insep) produce or contribute to something in some way e ser un ejemplo de

make into [make into something] change into something else turn into e transformar

make off (insep) leave a place in a hurry e salir pitando

make out (insep) pretend something is true e pretender, aparentar

make out 1 [make something out] (sign, writing) manage to understand or see e entender, distinguir

2 (cheque, bill, invoice, tax return, shopping list) write or complete write out e extender

3 (insep) kiss and hug in a sexual way e morrearse

make up 1 [make something up] invent e inventar

2 [make up, make it up] become friends again. e hacer las paces

3 apply cosmetics; put make-up on your face e maquillarse

3 compose; form e estar compuesto por

idiom make it up to you compensate someone after treating them badly I'm going to make it up to you.

idiom make up your mind make a decision. I've already made my mind up. There's nothing more to say.

make up for (insep) make a bad situation better compensating for it somehow e compensar

max out [max something out] (credit card) use all the available money or reach some kind of limit e agotar, exprimir, llegar al límite

measure up to [measure up to something] (insep) (standard, description, expectations, responsibilities) reach or fulfill or be as good as someone/something else e dar la talla

mess about (insep) waste your time doing something silly or not doing anything at all muck about e hacer el tonto, matar el tiempo

mess up [mess up, mess something up] (insep) do badly or break e cagarla

miss out [miss out, miss out on something] (insep) (chance, celebrations, opportunity) not do something that you might enjoy e perderse

mix up 1 [mix something up] confuse muddle up e confundir

2 mix together. e mezclar

mount up (insep) (bills, costs, expenses, work) increase in amount or accumulate e acumularse

mouth off (insep) complain loudly showing no respect e vociferar, fanfarronear

move away (insep) leave a place to live somewhere else e irse a vivir a otro sitio

move back (insep) return to where you used to live after spending time living in a different place e volver a vivir al mismo sitio

move in (insep) start living in a new house e empezar a vivir

move on (insep) leave behind or stop doing something and do something else instead. e hacer otra cosa

move out (insep) stop living in a particular place and start living somewhere else e ir a vivir a otro sitio

mow down [mow someone down] drive a vehicle into someone and kill them e atropellar

muck about (insep) waste your time doing something silly or not doing anything at all muck about e perder el tiempo

muck in (insep, informal) give a hand; help e colaborar, echar una mano

muddle up [muddle something up] confuse mix up e confundirse

mull over [mull something over] (decision, things, question, suggestion, issue) think about or discuss very carefully chew over, think over e pensárselo

muscle in (insep) get involved in something when other people don't want you there e meterse a la fuerza


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