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lag behind (insep) move more slowly than others quedarse atrás, ir rezagado

lap up [lap something up] accept (attention, admiration, information, praise) believe or accept with great pleasure aceptar con entusiasmo

lash out criticize [lash out, lash out at someone] (insep) criticize or speak to angrily hit out criticar

latch on (+ to) (insep) understand an idea or something being said caer, comprender

laugh off [laugh something off] (claims, criticism, matter, reports, rumours, suggestion, threats) dismiss as ridiculous or not important no darle importancia, tomarse algo a broma

lay down [lay something down] (the law, rules, conditions, price limits, speed limits, arms) establish what must be done establecer

lay off [lay someone off] sack (workers, staff, men, employees) tell a worker to leave their job because there is no work for them to do anymore despedir

leak out [leak out, leak something out] (news, story, details, information, word) become known by the public, usually when it was a secret filtrarse

let down 1 [let something down] (bucket, rope, plane, tyre, balloon) lower or deflate desinflar, tirar

2 disappoint [let someone down] decepcionar, defraudar

idiom let your hair down when you let you hair down, you relax and enjoy yourself freely.

let in [let someone in] allow to come into a place dejar entrar

let off 1 [let someone off] give a light punishment or no punishment at all perdonar, dejar ir

2 [let something off] (gun, rifle, bomb, fireworks, cracker, rocket, steam) fire or make something explode go off disparar, tirar, hacer explotar

let on [let something on] (secret) reveal a secret revelar

let out 1 release [let someone out, let something out] release; allow to leave a place, usually by unlocking the door dejar salir

2 (cry, scream, yell, sigh, shout, gasp) make a loud sound soltar

3 (dress, skirt, trousers) make clothes wider anchar

4 (room, house) rent. alquilar

let up (insep) (cough, crisis, pain, rain) become less strong or stop remitir

lie down (insep) put your body in a flat position to rest or sleep echarse

light up 1 start smoking fumar

2 make bright or full of light iluminar

line up [line someone up, line something up] put people or things in a row alinear

live down [live something down] behave in such a way that people forget about some unpleasant thing you did in the past hacer olvidar, librarse de

live in (insep) live in the same place you work or study residir

live off/on 1 [live off/on someone/something] (insep) (interest, land, money, savings) be the main source of money vivir de

2 survive on eat a lot of something vivir a base de

3 continue existing [live on] (insep) (dream, memory) continue to exist, usually after someone's death or some difficulty perdurar

liven up [liven something up] (party, flat, kitchen, meeting) make something more interesting or exciting jazz up, sex up animar, dar vida

live up to [live up to something] (expectations, reputation, name, potential, principles, promises, ideals) be or do what people expect match up to dar la talla, estar a la altura

log off [log off, Log off something] exit a computer system cerrar sesión

log on [log on, Log on to something] enter a computer system iniciar sesión

look after [look after someone] (insep) (children, baby, patient) take care of someone or something cuidar

look around/round 1 (insep) turn to look at something behind you or look in different differections echar un vistazo

2 [look round something, look around something] visit echar un vistazo

3 (job, flat) go to different places looking for something buscar

look back try to remember the past. rememorar, mirar atrás

look for [look for someone, look for something] (insep) try to find someone or somethin. buscar

look foward to [look forward to something] (insep) be happy about a future event because you know you will enjoy it estar deseando, tener ganas de

look into [look into something] (insep) (background, cause, history, matter, past) examine the facts investigar

look out (insep) warn someone they are in danger ¡Cuidado!

look up (insep) 1 (things, business, trade) improve mejorar

2 [look someone up] contact someone and pay them a visit after not having seen them for some time or because you happen to be where they live ponerse en contacto

3 [look something up] (word, number, information, time) find some information in a dictionary or reference book. buscar

look up to [look up to someone] admire and respect someone. admirar

lose out (insep) not have an advantage others have or be worse as a result of some change salir perdiendo

lump together [lump something together] put things in one group or treat them in the same way. juntar, agrupar, amontonar



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