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hand in [hand something in] (work, essay, assignment, paper, form, homework, application, notice, resignation, petition, keys, money, weapons) give something to someone in charge. give in  entregar

hand on 1 [hand something on] (custom, story, clothes, knowledge, responsibility) give something to someone who is younger or who comes later.  pasar

2 (photograph, magazine) give or pass something to someone who is next to you: hand down, pass on

hand out [hand something out] (leaflets, books, food, newspaper, quiz) give something to a group of people; distribute it. Give out  repartir

hand over [hand something over] (money, gun, prisoner, control, power, responsibility) give something to someone else so that they take control.  traspasar

hang about/around the same as hang around.  rondar, holgazanear

hang on (insep) wait. hold on  esperar

hang out (insep) spend time somewhere or with a group of people.  salir

hang up 1 (phone) finish a phone conversation.  colgar

2 [hang something up] (picture, coat) put something on a wall or hook.

have back 1 [have someone back] have someone return after they've been away.  tener de nuevo

2 [have something back] (money) get something back. give back

idiom have your own back get your revenge.

have on 1 wear [have something on] (clothes) be wearing something.  llevar puesto

2 use (radio, TV) use; be using something.  tener encendido

3 joke [have someone on] try to make someone believe something that is not true to have a laugh.  vacilarse

head back go (insep) go back; return.  regresar

head off 1 go (insep) go somewhere.  partir, ir

2 prevent [head off something] (criticism, disaster, crisis, threat, quarrel, disagreement) prevent something unpleasant from happening. fend off, stave off, ward off  prevenir

hit back [hit back at someone, hit back at something] (insep) (critics, claims, comments) defend yourself against their criticism or attacks.  atacar, criticar

idiom hit it off [hit it off with someone] (insep) meet someone, like them and start having a good relationship with them immediately.

hold back 1 control [hold something back] (emotions, anger, frustration, tears, temper, information, evidence, ideas, crowds, enemy) control something or keep it secret. keep back  controlar

2 delay (progress, project, development) delay or prevent development.  retrasar

hold down 1 [hold something down] (job) keep something for a certain period of time.  mantener

2 (prices, wages) keep something low.

hold on (insep) wait.  esperar

hold up 1 delay [hold someone up, hold something up] (traffic, bad weather) delay someone or something.  retener

2 rob (bank) rob.  atracar

3 remain strong despite the circumstances.

hose down [hose something up] (car, place) clean with water using a hose wash down  lavar

hurry up (insep) go faster.  darse prisa

hush up [hurry something up] prevent the public from knowing about something. cover up  ocultar



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