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dash off 1 leave (insep) leave in a hurry salir corriendo

2 write [dash something off] (letter, note, email) write something in a hurry hacer a toda velocidad

date back (insep) (house, church, building, tradition) exist since a particular time remontarse, datar de, existir desde

dawn on [dawn on someone] suddenly begin to understand something darse cuenta, ocurrirse

dial back  [dial something back] (anger, aggressiveness, rhetoric) reduce the strength or intensity of something reducir

die away (noise, sound, voice, light, breeze) gradually become weaker until it disappears fade away desvanecerse, difuminarse

die down (insep) (applause, gossip, rumours, wind, storm, flames, fire, pain, excitement, scandal) become quieter or less noticeable disminuir

die out (insep) (custom, tradition, habit, idea, race, species) gradually disappear extinguirse, desaparecer, perderse

dig in (insep) start eating tuck in, pitch in empezar a comer

dig over [dig something over] (soil, patch, garden, flowerbed) break the ground into smaller pieces with a spade or fork so that plants can grow cavar, remover

dig up 1 discover [dig something up] (scandal, the past, idea, excuse, facts, information) search for something and find it rake up, dredge up savar a la luz, revelar

2 dig remove something from the ground using a fork or spade cavar

dish out [dig something up] (advice) give something to people, often in a careless way repartir

dive in 1 [dive in, dive into something] (insep) start doing something with enthusiasm plunge in sumergirse, zambullirse

do away with abolish [do away with something] (law, privilege, rule, regulations, restrictions, paperwork, tax) get rid of something abolir, eliminar

do in exhaust [do someone in, do something in] (head) make you tired or unable to deal with a situation agotar

do up 1 repair, decorate [do something up] (flat, building, cottage, room) repair and decorate a place decorar, renovar

2 fasten [do something up] (button, coat, dress, trousers, zip) fasten abrochar, abotonar

doll up [doll yourself up] make yourself more attractive by wearing make-up and special clothes dress up emperifollar, arreglarse

doss down  (insep) sleep somewhere temporarily or sleep there instead of going home kip down dormir, tumbarse

doze off (insep) fall into a light sleep drop off quedarse dormido

drag on (insep) be very slow and last longer than necessary hacerse eterno

drag up [drag something up] (story, incident) mention some unpleasant fact from the past bring up sacar a relucir

draw up 1 stop (insep) get closer to a place and stop pull up pararse

2 prepare [draw something up] (list, plan, document, proposal, contract, will) prepare something very carefully in writing redactar

dream up [dream something up] (explanation, idea, plot, ploy, project, scheme) think of something unusual or foolish inventarse, ocurrirse

dredge up [dredge something up] (scandal, the past, memory, old grivances, quarrel, filth, mistake, misdeeds, story) remind someone of unpleasant events in the past dig up, rake up

dress down (insep) wear clothes less formal than the ones you usually wear dress up vestir más informal, vestir de sport

dress up (insep) put on better clothes for a special occasion US fix up dress down ponerse elegante, emperifollarse

drive away [drive someone/something away] (business, consumers, people, investment) behave or do something that makes people leave auyentar

drive up [drive something up] (prices) make something rise send up, put up elevar

drone on (insep) (meeeting, speech) continue for too long in a monotonous, boring way hablar sin parar, aburrir, durar

drop by (insep) pay someone a visit call in, drop by, pop in, stop by dejarse caer

drop in [drop in on someone] (insep) pay someone a short visit without warning call in, drop by, pop in dejarse caer, hacer una visita

drop off 1 sleep (insep) fall asleep crash out, doze off, flake out quedarse dormido

2 decrease (insep) (attendance, numbers, membership, interest, support, traffic, temperatures) become less or fewer fall off disminuir

3 let passenger out [drop someone off] stop the vehicle you are driving to leave a passenger there let off dejar

drum up [drum something up] (support, enthusiasm, interest, business, trade) make people interested in something fomentar, suscitar

dry out (insep) 1 become dry (lake, river) become completely dry secar

2 stop drinking stop drinking after becoming an alcoholic dejar de beber

dry up 1 dissapear (insep) (money, work, conversation, comissions, inspiration) not be available anymore secarse, agotarse

2 stop talking (insep) stop talking quedarse en blanco

dumb down [dumb something down] (language, news, test) make something easier so that everybody can understand it simplificar, explicar con sencillez

dwell on  [dwell on something] (insep) (subject, past) think too much or too long about something unpleasant preocuparse, obsesionarse



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