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back down (insep) accept another person's point of view or argument instead of your own or decide not to do something after all climb down, give in  ceder

back out withdraw [back out, back out of something] (insep) (agreement, deal, arrangement, contract) avoid doing something when you have promised to pull out  echarse atrás

back up 1 support [back someone/something up] support someone  apoyar, corroborar

2 make a copy as a precaution  respaldar

3 [back up, back something up] move backwards in a vehicle  dar marcha atrás

bail out 1 [bail someone out] pay a deposit so that someone who has been arrested can be released  pagar la fianza

2 help someone who is in trouble  rescatar

bandy about/around mention [bandy something about/around] (word) mention something, especiall without considering it carefully usar, mencionar

bang up [bang someone up] put someone in prison lock up  encerrar

bank on (insep) depend on something happening  contar con

be back (insep) return come back  volver

be off 1 (insep) leave a place go away  marcharse

2 (insep) be disconnected or not working  estar apagado

3 (insep) be cancelled  estar cancelado

4 (insep) (milk, fish) not be good to eat any more go off  estar en mal estado

be out 1 (insep) be available to the public; appear come out  salir

2 (insep) not be at home or work  estar fuera

be up to 1 [be up to something] (insep) be doing or planning something bad  tramar

2 (insep) be doing something  traerse entre manos

bear up 1 [bear up to something] (insep) accept another person's point of view or argument instead of your own or you decide not to do something after all  ajustarse, aguantar

2 (insep) stay calm despite facing difficulties  llevarlo

beat up 1 [beat someone up] hit someone repeatedly  pegar

2 [beat yourself up] criticize or blame oneself too much  machacarse

beaver away (insep) work hard slog away  ser una homiguita

beef up [beef something up] (security, your muscles, performance) improve; strengthen  mejorar

black out faint (insep) lose consciousness pass out come round, come to bring round, bring to  desmayarse, desvanecerse

blare out [blare out, blare something out] (music, news, warning) make a loud noise or play loudly  retumbar

blow out [blow out, blow something out] (insep) (match, candle, flame, lamp) be extinguished put out  apagar

blow over (insep) (scandal, problem, troubles, issue, controversy, incident, affair, row, argument) be forgotten  pasar

blow up 1 destroy [blow up, blow something up] destroy with an explosion  volar

2 get angry (insep) get angry  calentarse, cabrearse, explotar

3 exaggerate (incident, affair) exaggerate something  exagerar

4 fill (tyre, dinghy, balloon, airbed) fill something with air pump up  dar aire

blurt out [blurt something out] (news, answer, secret) say something without thinking  soltar

boil down [boil down to something] (insep) (situation, question, issue) be the most important thing  reducirse a

boil up (insep) (anger, fury, rage, tension, violence) grow  caldear, desatar, subir de tono

boss around [boss someone around] treat someone unpleasantly, giving unnecessary orders all the time order about  dar órdenes

bottle out (insep) get out of doing something at the last minute chicken out  acobardarse, echarse atrás

bottle up [bottle something up] Not talk about your problems or things that worry you.  callarse algo

bottom out (economy, prices) stop getting worse and start showing signs of improvement  tocar fondo

bounce back recover from something unpleasant  recuperarse

brass off be angry, upset or fed up  cabrearse

break away leave a group, party or country to form a new one  escindirse

break down 1 (insep) (car, system, machine, talks, negotiations, marriage, argument, plan, relations) stop working because it has a serious problem pack up, conk out  romperse, dejar de funcionar

2 lose control and start crying crack up  derrumbarse

3 destroy [break something down] (door, wall, barrier, resistance, opposition, reserve) destroy something  echar abajo

break in 1 [break in, break into something] (insep) (building, house, grounds, computer, system) enter a place using force or by breaking the law  entrar

2 [break someone in] (employee, recruit) help someone get used to a new situation or job or train them  reducirse

3 [break something in] (boots, shoes, car, horse) use something until it's comfortable, it works properly or does what it's supposed to do  ablandar, amoldar, acostumbrar

break off [break something off] (agreement, engagement, relations, relationship, alliance) put an end to something because of a problem  romper

break out 1 begin (insep) (riots, violence, row, fire, epidemic, disease, war, rash, spots, sweat, tears, argument) begins suddenly or violently  estallar

2 escape (insep) escape break in  escaparse

break up stop [break something up] (fight, quarrel, party, crowd, marriage, relationship, couple, alliance, school, meeting) stop  separar, terminar, romper

breeze through [breeze through something] (insep) (exam, test) pass something easily sail through, sweep through, walk through  pasar sin dificultades, hacer sin problemas

brighten up 1 (insep) (weather, morning) become happier or better  mejorar

2 [brighten something up] (day, Saturday, morning, wardrobe, life) make something more colourful or cheerful  animar, embellecer

bring about cause [bring something about] (reform, changes) make something happen  llevar a cabo

bring back [bring something back] (memories) make you think about something that happened a long time ago  hacer recordar, evocar

bring in 1 [bring someone in] (doctor, expert, consultant, technician) ask someone to come and help call in  llamar

2 [bring something in] (bill, law, regulation, rule, system, scheme) introduce something  aprobar

bring off accomplish [bring something off] succeed in something pull off  lograr

bring out 1 [bring something out] (product) make something available to the public  sacar

2 develop a quality  sacar

bring round/to [bring someone round, bring someone to] help someone regain consciousness  reanimar

bring up 1 [bring someone up] look after a child until it has grown up  criar, educar

2 [bring something up] (issue, matter, point, subject) mention a subject or topic come up, drag up  mencionar, sacar

brush aside [brush something aside] (allegations, suggestion, difficulties, idea, question) dismiss; Ignore or refuse to consider something brush off  no dar importancia

brush up [brush something up, brush up on something] (English, French, subject) study something to try and revise or improve it a little polish up  respasar, estudiar

buckle down (insep) start working hard; apply yourself knuckle down  ponerse a trabajar, aplicarse

bugger off (insep, taboo) tell someone to get lost or leave you alone fuck off, sod off  madar a tomar por culo

build up increase [build something up] (muscles, strength, stamina, reputation, sales, speed, collection, profits) increase the amount of something  construirse, aumentar, mejorar

bump into [bump into someone] (insep) meet someone by chance come across, run into  tropezar con

burst in on [burst in on someone/something] (insep) (conversation, meeting) enter a place suddenly interrupting the people or activiy inside  irrumpir

butt in interrupt [butt in, butt in on someone] interrupt break in on  interrumpir

butter up praise [butter someone up] praise someone excessively so that they will do what you want  adular

buzz off (insep, informal) go away dash off  largarse



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